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Motto: "Motto not needed. The Government is good for you."



Capital city
Capitol Territory

Largest city
Capitol Territory

Official language(s)
English, Authoritismian Dialect

National language(s)
English, Authoritismian Dialect

Ethnic groups
By race:

88% White

7% African American

3% Asian

0% Native American

1% Other

By ethnicity:

99% Authoritismian

1% Other


Authoritismian Panther


One-Party Unitary Dictatorship/One-Party Unitary Autocratic Republic

- Leader
Nicholas Sonor



- Founded
April 29, 658

- Newest Government


- Total area


- Water (%)
approx. 4.66


- Estimate

- Census

Current Estimate

- Total
$82.9 Trillion

- Per Capita


Human Developement Index

Authoritismian Dollar (ATD)

Date format

Drives on the

Calling code

ISO 3166 code

Internet TLD

From LEpedia, the Lands End online encyclopedia.

The Renewed Government of Authoritism, commonly known as the Authoritism, is a country primarily located in Lands End, consisting of 3 Regions, 1 Territory and various unincorporated islands. At 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million square kilometers), it is the world's third- or fourth-largest country by total area, and has a population of over 19 million. It is the third most populous country in the world. The national capital and most populous city is Capitol Territory. It should also be noted that the owner of Authoritism's beliefs and political opinions do not represent this nation on Lands End.


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2 History
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⠀⠀3.1 Environment
⠀⠀3.1 Wildlife and Conservation
4 Demographics
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⠀⠀4.2 Language
⠀⠀4.3 Religion
⠀⠀4.4 Health
⠀⠀4.5 Education
5 Politics
⠀⠀5.1 Political Divisions
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⠀⠀5.3 Law
⠀⠀5.4 Foreign Relations
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⠀⠀6.2 Navy
⠀⠀6.3 Air
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⠀⠀7.3 Tourism
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⠀⠀7.2 Energy
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The name "Authoritism" originates from the English words "authority" and "authoritarianism". When these words were combined, they created the name Authoritism. This name was chosen to show citizens that the government is in control.


Pre-Colonial Era
Nomadic groups began inhabiting the land of modern Authoritism around 250-200 BCE. Around 30-60 CE, the land was split between over 400+ tribes, kingdoms, and city-states. Near 130 CE, a tribe of unknown name rose to power via unknown methods; It is assumed they rose to power through brutal conquest. This tribe stayed in power of over 45% of modern Authoritism's land until a national schism took place in 644 CE between left-wing and right-wing individuals. The schism broke the tribe into three main groups: Right-winged individuals, Left-winged individuals, and Anti-political individuals.

The National Schism
The national schism immediately led to all-out war between the three tribes due to the inability to doctor internal and external peace. The Conservatives held the majority of power, having control of the proclaimed "capital" and 70% of the original army. The first battle commenced on either March 13 or 14, 644 CE when the Conservatives accidentally mistook the Liberals to be attacking. The first major power to fall was the anti-political faction. The war commenced for 14 years until eventually the Liberals had been taken over by the Conservatives on April 29, 658 CE. The Conservative faction, which took on the name "∆uthoria"

National Stability and The Rise of ∆uthoria
After the war, ∆uthoria was devastated by war, famine, and political unrest. In 646 CE The military leader, Jonas Khaul, murdered the king in a staged incident, declaring himself the King of ∆uthoria. Khaul brutally suppressed political opposition, progressive policies, womens' rights, and many more things he didn't agree with. Without any opposition against Khaul, he indoctrinated his empire to only follow him and his words. He went on to have multiple spouses, most of which couldn't bear children. Some time in 656 CE, Khaul finally obtained a male child and established the Formal Family of ∆uthoria. The Khaul Family legacy continued in Jonas Khaul's steps for over 430 years until a crisis unfolded in 1086 CE.

End of the Khaul Family and the Second Kingdom of ∆uthoria
A relatively unknown insurgency group seized power of the government. Direct descendants of the Khaul family were killed, and those suspected to be Khauls were jailed for life. The organization in question, who committed the violent acts, declared the Second Kingdom of Authoritism. The head of the Second Kingdom was Gregory Paule, who then declared himself king. The Paule family ruled with an even yet strict hand, still keeping the government very conservative yet allowing greater freedoms. Local rebellions broke out demanding the return of the Khaul family. The Paule Family lead a series of campaigns to expand ∆uthoria and take over the continent it was located on. Small campaigns were successful, but over 3/4 of the campaigns failed. In 1451 CE, the new king Wilhelm Paule enacted Isolationism, closing ∆uthoria off to the rest of the world.

Isolationist Era
∆uthoria walled off the nation from the outside. However, due to the official border not being officially stated, multiple walls were built containing miles of vast, empty space. Due to Isolationism, external problems were thrown out and internal problems could be solved. Local rebellions were put down and a central-government was put into effect, sometimes being stronger and above the Paule Family. Infrastructure was created, propaganda exaggerating ∆uthoria's success were made, and life in ∆uthoria became vibrant. Isolationism continued until about 1667 CE when outside powers started mangling with ∆uthoria's borders and planting military divisions around it. Isolationism had been put on halt and the military conscription began. Military threats eventually lead to brutal wars, many of which ∆uthoria won. Authoritismian Dialect had been shifting over centuries and the name '∆uthoria' shifted to 'Authoritia'. Authoritia prospered throughout the remainder of the 18th century and eventually the 19th century.

Post-Colonial Era
Authoritia prospered throughout the 20th century, eventually ending Isolationism and started trading with local nations. Authoritia became a wealthy nation selling military weaponry. While all was going perfect, the military sabotaged the Paule family, ending their reign in 1910 CE. The Paule family had reigned over Authoritia for 824 years. The government established a military dictatorship and sent the nation into Martial Law for seven months. After the brutal seven months, the Military organized a new, democratic, moralistic government with no royal family and renamed the nation to "Authoritism". The democratic government operated impressively until 2021 CE, when President Nicholas Sonor abused his powers to the point of dictatorship.

Modern History
Today, Authoritism faces political corruption and acts viewed as "intolerable" by other nations. The struggle between the President and the Government is clear, with the nation regularly switching between Presidential power and Governmental power.


Due to the nation's central point being (about) 200 miles away, the climate of Authoritism is usually tropical and ranges from 75 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).

The environment of Authoritism is barren and inhospitable, mainly due to the climate. Efforts to change the environment have been proposed by the government, but never got through congress.

Wildlife and Conservation
Wildlife can be rare and is usually only found within 50 miles of the coastline. One of the only animals found in nature here is the Authoritismian Panther, which is on the brink of extinction due to mass deforestation.


The population of Authoritism is, as of 15 September, 250 million. This number grows rapidly with the amount of people moving to Authoritism.

The official languages of Authoritism are English and Authoritismian Dialect. English is spoken by about 96% of the population, while 59% of the population also speaks Authoritismian Dialect. Other languages are mostly undocumented.
Authoritismian Dialect
Authoritismian Dialect is a regional dialect which can almost sound indistinguishable from regular English.

The constitution of Authoritism clearly states that religion is banned, and religious texts such as Bibles, Qurans and other scriptures are banned.

The Health of most Authoritismans are good, with many Authoritismans exercising at least once every two days. The leading cause of death is cancer, mainly heart cancer.

In Authoritism, public and private education ranges from K-8. Public high school is not an option, as Authoritismans must pay for any type of education that is or is higher than high school. In primary school, kids take 7 hours per day at school.


Political Divisions
There is no political division or competition as the only party, the National Party for Order has been in power for decades.

Parties and Elections
The only political party in Authoritism in the National Party for Order. Every 5 years, a presidential election is held where 10 candidates run through primaries. The 2 with the highest amount of votes then run for candidacy of President of Authoritism. They will then serve for 5 years unless running for re-election or have been impeached.

The Congress of Authoritism holds 215 seats, all of which are used by the National Party for Order. As of August of 2021, 1 seat represents 190,697 citizens.

Most laws are strict in Authoritism, limiting the rights of the citizens.

Foreign Relations
Foreign relations with other nations in Lands End remain either neutral or good.

Government Finance
In the Authoritism economy, 2/3rds of the economy is privatized, where has 1/3rd of the economy is owned by the government.


The Army of Authoritism is made up of two main branches and two secondary branches. The main branches are: the National Army for Offense, with 120,000 Infantry, and the National Army for Defense, with 64,500 Infantry. The two secondary branches are: the Authoritism Militia for Foreign Intervention, with 6,000 Infantry, and the Authoritism Tank Division, with 150 Tanks and 100 Anti-Aircraft Artillery.

The Authoritism Navy is comprised of 10 Frigates, 5 Destroyers, 3 Cruisers, 2 Torpedo Boats and 1 Aircraft Carrier.

The Authoritism Air Force is comprised of 120 Fighters and 20 Bombers.

National Guard
The National Guard of Authoritism's main priority is to defend Capitol Territory and end rebellions/riots. The current manpower size of the National Guard 1,200

Law Enforcement and Crime
The law enforcement in Authoritism has been noted for it's surplus of funding, equipment, and a special ops force. As of August 2021, the current funding of Law Enforcement is 36 billion Authoritism Dollars.
Crime in Authoritism has been at an all-time low since the "Brutal Suppression of 1975". This is because of the high funding of law enforcement.


Income, Poverty and Wealth
Average income in Authoritism stands at 62,250 Authoritismian Notes with the average income tax rate at 57.7%. Absolutely no Authoritismen are in poverty due to the well-funded welfare program. The wealthy are taxed more than the poor, leading to less income-equality.

Agriculture is considered one of the least important agencies in all of Authoritism due to the type of landscape. Only about about 6% of the land in Authoritism is used for agriculture.

Tourism in Authoritism runs tight as the borders frequently close and the president enacts stricter laws for citizens and tourists.

Science and Technology
Authoritism's science administrations are highly funded and well-looked upon by the government as the race for technology and science continues in the world. Currently, the nation runs a space program, has their own type of internet, and is researching futuristic weapons for war.


Transportation contains of 71% public transportation on buses, 26% private transportation with cars, and 3% green transportation via bicycles and other methods.

Energy consists of 50% fossil fuels, 25% wind and solar, 12% nuclear power, 11% nuclear power, and 2% other sources of energy.

Telecommunications with Authoritism to the international world is highly restricted and usually inaccessible due to the limitations set by the government. Internet, phone calls, fax, and other types of communication are not allowed to reach outside of the nation.


Literature, Philosophy, and Visual Art






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