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Haslett Regional Election Rules

1. The Elections for Prime Minister and World Assembly Delegate will occur every 4 weeks on Friday

2. Newly Elected Prime Ministers are Sworn in on the following Monday while WA Delegates are sworn in at the next WA Update.

3. Campaigns for both Prime Minister and WA Delegate are allowed to start the Friday before the Election.

4. The Election shall be run using the First Past the Post Voting System.

5. In case of a tie in an election w/ more than 2 Candidates, there will be a runoff election only with the top 2 Candidates.

6. If there is a tie in an election where there are only 2 Candidates, there will be a coin flip to determine the winner.

7. Everyone is allowed to vote for the Prime Minister.

8. Only World Assembly Members can vote for the WA Delegate.

9. The Chancellor President will appoint a Cabinet that is picked by the Prime Minister.

10. The Chancellor President is another name for the office of Founder.

11. The Chancellor President has the ability to make temporary appointments for up to 2 weeks in case of emergency